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My SHELLE band has kept me going week after week! Through second trimester I couldn’t survive walking the dog after a long day without it. As I get closer to delivery, it provides me the support I need to remain active. Definitely recommend to all moms to be, especially those looking to stay fit during pregnancy.

- Gillian (Windsor, Ontario)

Pregnant woman wearing watercolour belly band

Got my new SHELLE band in midnight blue in a week or two ago. Been wearing it to work (on my feet most of the day) and for workouts (gym, Barre, yoga). Gives great support without feeling constricted or uncomfortable. Fits well and can't notice it under clothing. Love it! Definitely recommend to any expecting mamas. Would make a great gift!

- Stacey (Toronto, Ontario

Pregnant woman wearing midnight belly band

I’m loving the support that my SHELLE Maternity Band has provided over the past five weeks! As someone who has suffered with moderate lower back pain throughout the majority of my pregnancy (to the point where every other step caused shooting pain), this band has been a life-saver. At 34 weeks, I’m not only wearing it for extra support during workouts, walks, and last minute prep around the house for baby, but I have been wearing it every day to work. The material is comfortable and discreet, and my lower back pain has improved significantly. Highly recommended!

- Jenna (Chatham, Ontario) 

Pregnant woman wearing watercolour belly band in exercise gear

"I love my SHELLE Maternity Band - this product is truly amazing! I wore the band almost every day to work as it was so thin and worked with almost all outfits while still offering great back support. This band basically saved my back while I was away for 3 days at a work conference - I was so thankful I had it with me! The band was also perfect for my prenatal yoga classes and I love that it is made in Canada. 100% recommend this product to all the moms-to-be out there."

- Michelle (Waterdown, Ontario)

"This product is fantastic! I'm 36.5 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been using the SHELLE band since my second trimester. It is a life saver and so much better than the support band I used during my first pregnancy. The SHELLE band makes it possible to wear flow-y dresses that do not have built-in support without having to worry about back and joint pain. I even wore the band under a bridesmaid dress at 7.5 months pregnant. It was clutch! My only regret is not buying more than one of these because I hate the days when my SHELLE band is in the laundry. 100% recommend the product."

- Julia (Los Angeles, California)

"I loved my watercolour SHELLE belly band. I found it most helpful during my third trimester. The stretchy fabric was so comfortable and it didn't bunch up or fall down. I wore it for all my prenatal fitness classes, as well as every day to work. I noticed on the days I wore it that I had less back pain because of the added support. Thanks, SHELLE!" 

-Leslie (Toronto, Ontario)

"My lower back has been really sore and by the end of the day, almost unbearable. This started over the holidays and has been super annoying and has made it hard to sleep. Stretching and massage haven’t provided much relief. I hypothesized that wearing the belly band all day might help since it would provide extra support. After testing for over a week, I can say this is 100% correct. I didn’t wear it yesterday so I could double check and by noon I was already starting to get some soreness in my lower back. I had to put it on by 7pm because I was basically useless without it and could barely bend over, which made helping put away the Christmas tree pretty tough."

-Leesa (Madison, Wisconsin)

"My SHELLE belly band made me much more comfortable at work. I am a nurse and have to bend and twist frequently so I needed extra support for my growing bump. The band was comfortable, stayed in place, provided lower back support and kept my belly from becoming exposed when my scrubs were getting a little tight. I also used the band for 6 weeks postpartum for support and aesthetics. It provided coverage and a smooth look under my clothing: a look hard to achieve right after giving birth! I love the product and highly recommend it!"

-Jen (Windsor, Ontario)