Shelle Mamas

We created SHELLE to support women in their journey to and through motherhood. The company was born out of a practical need for supportive, versatile and affordable pregnancy activewear, but it's about so much more than that:

  • We are cheerleaders of moms who want to educate and inspire themselves and their children by investing in themselves every day -- especially when its hard. 
  • We want to challenge and inspire you to make your own rules and not to be afraid to put yourselves first SO THAT you can give your family your best. 
  • We aim to create content and products that support, educate and empower women to embrace that being at your best is the greatest gift you can give your children.
  • We share content that has been helpful to us on our journeys or that is stuff we WISH we knew when we were where you are.
  • We will use the blog to profile and celebrate amazing #shellemamas who embody love and strength.
  • We'd love to share in your journey. We are all about supporting one another. If you would like to be profiled by SHELLE or have some content you'd like to share, connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or via email at 


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